Thank you for your interest in our office.  We at Dental Arts Clinic welcome you to our general family dentistry practice in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

We are happy to assist you with all you dental needs.  Our goal is to provide quality services in a caring environment for our patients so  they can achieve long term good dental health.  We believe healthy and beautiful smiles can be possible with regular scheduled appointments and proper preventative care.  While we are “small town” in the way we are “uptown” when it comes to delivering the highest quality dentistry.

Dental Art Clinic is an indigenous form of Doctors. The organizational form of business is a partnership. Other professionals of different disciplines are engaged when necessitated by the circumstances. Over the years Dental Arts Clinic has demonstrated the firms ability not just to please you but also to perform beyond your expectations. Our Clinic pride itself in providing patients with highly personalized dental services to suit their special circumstances.

Children and Adults too, can both benefit from orthodontics.  It is recommended that every child receive a orthodontic evaluation by age seven.  Early treatment can make later treatments when all the adult teeth are present quicker and easier or even eliminated it all together.  Because and adult facial bones are no longer growing, certain corrections ma take longer.  The average treatments time is about 24months and varies with individual patients.

New patients of all ages are welcome.  Feedback from our patients about their experience in our office is always appreciated.

Just feel free to submit your correspondence using our easy to use online suggestion form below.

And remember, at Dental Arts Clinic, “We Make You Smile”