t Family Dentistry Complete, we are always making efforts to make our dental services as comfortable and as convenient as possible for the clients. Dr. Maxwell Francis as one of the reputed and trusted dentists has the best equipment in his dental office. We use digital X-ray at our facility because we know that it is convenient, safer for you and it is more efficient when compared to the traditional X-rays.

Safer X-ray Option :

Digital XraysDigital X-rays are safer because you will be exposed to lesser radiations with digital X-rays. No need to be worried or concerned about being exposed to harmful radiation every time you need to get an X-ray as part of your dental procedure. Dr. Maxwell Francis ensures you get the very best in dental healthcare services.

Environmentally Friendly X-ray :

This type of X-ray is also the most environmentally friendly option, as it does not use chemicals that leave a huge carbon trace. By using dental care facilities that use environmentally friendly equipment, you are also doing your part in protecting and handing over a safer environment to the subsequent generations while at the same time ensuring safer healthcare options for yourself.

Faster and Efficient :

With the use of digital X-ray, your dentist will be able to review the results almost instantly without having to wait for hours or days. You need not have to drive back several miles to collect your X-rays. Your X-rays can even be emailed to you, which you can review anytime, and from anywhere you like. Digital X-ray allows your dentist to act fast because they will be able to review your X-rays immediately. Digital X-rays by minimizing the waiting period speeds up the treatment process.

Digital Xrays

Convenient :

Digital X-ray saves you from that annoying ‘bitewing’ which is used with traditional X-rays. Instead of the bitewing, you will be using a more comfortable digital sensor. The digital sensor when placed in your mouth will capture clearer images with much less radiation, which can be viewed instantly in a computer.

These are just some of the advantages of using digital X-rays in dental practices. Family Dentistry Complete ensures that you enjoy the best dental healthcare services. To give 100% satisfaction to the customers, Dr. Maxwell Francis’s dental office continually works on improving the standard of its services.

Digital Xrays

You will receive very friendly and dependable services at our dental office. You can count on the quality of the dental health care services offered. We always act keeping in mind the best interests of our clients. Whether it is emergency dentistry requirements or cosmetic dentistry, look no further than Family Dentistry Complete. We are your family dental healthcare service provider. You can walk into our office confidently knowing that you will enjoy the most convenient and dependable services. Regardless of whether it is just getting your digital X-rays or having advanced dental procedure performed, you need not have to worry; we offer the best services at the most economical rates. What are you waiting for? Call Family Dentistry Complete to book your appointment.